It's time to stop just trying to survive; we were meant to THRIVE

Become the BEST version of YOU

About me

My Journey to discovery

Hi friend, and welcome. My name is Bridget, and I am so glad you are here. My biggest passion is to help women, especially moms, discover what is holding them back from being the best version of them-self. I have worked in the medical field for over a decade, and I am a mom of 4. As a working mamma I understand the daily stresses that motherhood can bring, and I spent way to many years just trying to survive.

My story involves a private battle with alcohol that almost spun my life out of control. I used alcohol just to help me get through the day, and to help calm my thoughts. Through a lot of work I learned that I didn't have a problem just with what I chose to DRINK, but it was the way in which I THINK. I chose sobriety on March 16, 2019, and then the real work began. As soon as I learned the power my thoughts played in my life, everything changed.


I want to help moms regain their passion, their energy, and their motivation to THRIVE!

Professionalism and Experience

I am a Registered Nurse and certified Health and Life Coach. I have knowledge to help address both physical and mental blocks that are getting in the way of what you want.

Taking the Steps

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication.  My commitment is to provide you with accountability, support, and a program that works!.


I can't wait to share tips and tools to start taking steps to create the life you want TODAY


Why can a life coach do for me?

A life coach can support you in finding and staying on your path.  By building a relationship with my clients, I can help you stay motivated and on-task, helping you to thrive in whatever season you are in. My programs are informative, and fun!

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

Every client jointly signs a commitment contract with their life coach.  I set the terms of the commitment contract to fit your individual goals and plans. My most popular program is 90 days, which includes 12 sessions.

How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule an breakout discovery session.  In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from there.